About the company:
KUKU FM is a podcast platform for vernacular languages where users can create or find great quality audio shows ranging from Audiobooks to thriller stories. We are disrupting the traditional radio to bring back the nostalgia we all grew up with. Our mission is to build an audio platform to bring together communities to share stories and spread knowledge. Audio sharing platforms are a $15B Industry in China and $10B in the US with an active user base of 500 million. Started by IIT alumni, KUKU FM has grown to a product with 150k+ users and more than 1,000 creators in less than 3 months. We are a funded start-up backed by some of the most prominent VCs in India.

Role Objective

  • Build Non-Fiction content Library
  • Work with the creators to produce best non-fiction content


  • Supervise the content produced by the creators
  • Guide and Mentor the creators on the kind of content that would work for the app
  • Provide valuable feedback to the creators to improve their content
  • Produce book summaries, Audio-books and biographies
  • Co-ordinate and manage all productions
  • Track and monitor the performance of content produced on the App and conduct meetings with the creators
  • Handle the Quality and development of the content
  • Conduct regular calling sessions with the listeners to collect valuable feedback
  • Ensure smooth execution of Non Fiction Content
  • Contribute towards content planning & strategy

Experience required

  1. Minimum 1 year of expperience
  2. Excellent storytelling capabilities to bring ideas to life
  3. Experience in audio production
  4. Experience in content creation
  5. Excellent written and oral proficiency in any of these languages English/Hindi - Telugu is a must

Personal Attributes

  • Passionate consumer of various Entertainment Formats (Films, Music, Social Media, Sports, etc)
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Must be well-read & well informed about important socio-cultural aspects of the city/state/society
  • Experience in understanding Stock Market and Money Investment will be appreciated