About us:

KukuFM is India’s leading audio content platform that creates, produce, market, and distributes exclusive premium audio content in the form of audiobooks, stories, summaries, courses, and more categories. With more than 30 million downloads and 300K+ paid subscribers, we are the fastest growing premium audio content platform in India

Responsibilities [but not limited to these]:

  1. Develop and research ideas for ads
  2. Write interesting scripts for performance marketing campaigns
  3. Craft creative copies for brand integrations, in-app communications and other marketing collaterals
  4. Coordinate with agencies to ensure depositary of scripts are maintained


  1. Experience producing copy for marketing campaigns
  2. Able to interpret information and conduct research, if needed
  3. Detail-oriented, with the ability to spot errors
  4. Have strong writing skills and ability to consistently produce well-written content

Personal Attributes

  • Passionate consumer of various Entertainment Formats (Films, Music, Social Media, etc)
  • Excellent communication skills